What is a CMS website?

CMS (Content Management System) is designed to simplify the publication of web content to websites, allowing content creators to submit content without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files.

In other words it allows you the website owner to upload images and content to your website very easily.
This is done by logging into an admin control panel.

There are many other benefits too.
With a CMS website it is quite inexpensive to add other features.
For example you may want a
Shopping cart
Special members area
Internal mailing list management
And much much more
In fact there is not much that you cannot do with CMS.

If you are looking for the all-in-one solution then CMS is for you.
No more tacked on sections to your website, shopping cart here, forum there, separate logins everywhere!
With CMS it’s all nicely integrated.
And you can upgrade and add features to your website as your business grows!

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You can also check out our test CMS website to see our templates too, and what all the fuss is about here