VIP Maintenance Plan only $200 per year

You can relax!

With the Z Web Design VIP Maintenance Plan your website alters and updates are done for free.

VIP Maintenance Plan – How it works and what’s included

Have you ever thought about updating or adding content to your existing website but have been put off because it would incur additional unknown costs by your web designer? Do you want the fastest support service available?

Old irrelevant information will frustrate your customers and poorly reflect on your business. An up to date website is essential to keep traffic coming back.

When Z Web Design makes changes to your website you know they’re being done the “right” way and this will ensure that changes match the rest of your website perfectly. We optimise and resize all images to ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible. An alter you think may be a simple task can actually be more involved than you first thought. There is an art to doing all of this, you may be better off leaving it to the experts.

And if you have a problem with your website you’ll be assured of VIP Support – the fastest support reply time possible!

Once you have paid for the plan we’ll make changes to your website at no additional cost*.

For example you may have a monthly “What’s New” column that requires updating on a regular basis. Or you may want to change some pictures on your website to keep it looking fresh. If you have a shopping cart, you may have products that require updating.

A monthly newsletter may need to be changed regularly on your website. You may have general information which requires updating such as phone numbers, email addresses.

And you will also be entitled to a minimum 30% discount, if you need to make any major structural changes or rebuild your website.

Our normal rate for website alters is $90 per hour. It doesn’t take long for these fees to add up. That’s why we highly recommend the VIP Maintenance Plan.

It’s insurance against any unpleasant surprises.

In summary this is what you get:

  • We keep your CMS website/plugins up to date, monitored daily, critical to keep your website working correctly
  • Regular scans of your website for malicious viruses
  • All minor website changes included (up to 6 changes per month)
  • At least 30% off any major upgrades or additional alters
  • VIP Support – Fastest support reply time possible

* There is a limit of 6 new products or changes done per month. (Note that product upload details must be complete. If details for the same product are sent in stages then a fee may occur for each update. It is best practice to give all details in the one email.) Software upgrades to Shopping Carts are available for a small once off fee. Excludes redesigning the website or shopping cart, new modules etc. Major structural changes to your website or shopping cart are entitled to a 30% discount (or more) if you are a VIP Maintenance Plan holder. Please note that any unused alters do not accumulate if not used for each month.

Important information – Please read our terms.

Basic WordPress Maintenance Plan only $50 per year

In summary this is what you get:

  • We’ll keep your WordPress installation and Plugins up to date and working properly
  • We’ll monitor your website daily for any updates
  • Perfect for static type websites where content is not changed
  • This is also essential to keep your website safe from being compromised by hackers
  • This does not include website alters or updates (Extra charges apply)

Important information – Please read our terms.