on Does bolding keywords on my website help SEO?

We often see websites where the owner has gone to a lot of trouble to bold or italic keywords in their website. They have obviously spent a lot of time to do this thinking that Google and other search engines will pick up on the emphasized words and help with their SEO.

Is this true?
I’m terribly sorry but it’s a big…No.
It is a myth.

By all means use bold or italics where needed but only to make reading easier for your customers. It will have no effect on SEO and in fact may have the opposite effect in making your website look cheap and the text repetitive to your customers.

Search engines DO look for other tags such as the Heading tag but they are not looking for bold or italic text.

So please stop making your website look silly. Use the bold and italic tags only where necessary for easier reading.
You will also save yourself some time and help make your website look more professional.

Don’t take our word for it.
Do a simple Google search on the subject and see what others say..