Improve your search engine ranking offer

This is an excellent offer which will increase your search engine ranking and costs you a very small amount of money.

Z Web Design will register an extra domain name for you (with relevant keywords) and redirect it to your existing website to improve your search engine ranking.

How it works:
Search engines will pick up your keywords which are in your new domain names. Your business will be up the top of search engine results. Customer clicks link and is redirected to your main website.

What it costs:
Registration and set up extra domain name for $59 per domain (every 2 years).
We will move your existing website to the new domain and redirect your old website address for $50.

Here is a working example (our website)
New redirected website address:
Original website address:
Now go to Google and type in “hosting web design” into the search box.
As you can see is first or second in the results. This is because the keywords are in the domain name.
If the customer searches or types the address, this is redirected back to also.

Please note that this can take 8 or 10 weeks to be spidered by search engines.

Contact us NOW to order your extra domain and take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Disclaimer: As search engines change their ranking methods without notice we cannot guarantee that this will work forever. What we can say is that it has worked for us and many clients for several years now and continues to give the desired results. If you are not happy with the results all you have to do is stop renewing the extra domain names.