Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

DOMAIN NAME: Try and name your domain name after your business. EG, or, or, something useful for when people are searching for your services. In other words, if you plan on selling flowers from your website you could name your site domain name ‘” or “”.

KEYWORD CONTENT: As mentioned above, if you are in the flower business, you could use words that describe your products like: “flowers, red flowers, cement flowers, cinder flowers, small flowers, large flowers, etc. By using the keyword “flower” you are helping search engines categorize your site and its relevance when somebody searches for “flowers” online. The use of the word “flowers” in your domain name and your home page content will help raise you up in the search queries. It takes time to get a good page rank and laying the proper foundation now will speed up the ranking process.
Do not go over-board using keywords—you want to design your site for people AND search engines not just search engines. Be creative about using keywords so that your text flows, is informative to people and uses key words in a balanced manner. NOTE: Be careful of over stuffing your HTML source code with too many keywords. This is considered spamming and can actually get you penalized in the search engines.

META TAGS: Meta page title tags and meta keyword description are not as important as they once were but it is still important to know how to use them and to use them well. Page title tags is what describes each page on a website and appears across the top of your browser when clicking from page to page across the Internet. The page title tag should use the most important keywords that describe the page content and are relevant to your site. For example, a home page title could be changed from “index” to ” flowersrus, flowers, flowers and More flowers” … The point being that again the word flower is being used to help search engines understand your page and business. A keyword approach should be taken whenever possible.

USE ALT TAGS: Alt tags are HTML code that describes images appearing on your site. Search engines scan alt tags as they crawl through a web site and using alt tags is another great way to use keywords.

SITE PAGE CONTENT: The goal is to have quality pages on your site with a lot of text content – design your site to benefit visitors.
Content As Google puts it: make pages for human visitors, not for search engines. Visitors are looking for good quality content. Content usually means words. All too often we see pages that are simply too short. Write more about your product, service, hobby or about yourself or whatever it is your page is about. It needs WORDS. More relevant words leads to higher ranking. A 300 word page will outrank a 100 word page (all other factors being equal)

DIRECT URL SUBMISSION: The best way to get your domain name URL registered with search engines is to take the time to manually register with the biggest and best search engines. Registering your site with Google is quick and easy, as are many other popular search engines. Be aware that some search engines want fee-payments before they will accept your site submission. Avoid paying for site submission.

LINK EXCHANGE: Cross link with as many other websites as possible. Adding your website to Directories is another good way of getting your address known.

FRESH CONTENT:Up to date content Supply new content regularly. Pages that do not change, will slowly see their ranking drop.

There are lots of other tips out there on the internet.

Just do a search for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Now go to Google and type in “hosting web design” into the search box.
As you can see is first or second in the results. This is because the keywords are in the domain name.
If the customer searches or types the address, this is redirected back to also.

Please note that this can take 8 or 10 weeks to be spidered by search engines.

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Disclaimer: As search engines change their ranking methods without notice we cannot guarantee that this will work forever. What we can say is that it has worked for us and many clients for several years now and continues to give the desired results. If you are not happy with the results all you have to do is stop renewing the extra domain names.

No one can guarantee you the number one ranking position on Google.

Guaranteed Google front page listing – Don’t fall for it
You should be wary of any SEO company that says they can provide you with the number one position on Google.

Google say: “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.”

When you’re offered a guarantee, it usually comes in one of the following disguises:

ONE: Guaranteed front page on Google – the offer is usually a way that less than scrupulous companies offer a flat fee for Google AdWords. After huge set up fees, that only gives you Google coverage for a couple of months, you’ll find you could have done it all yourself cheaper. If you need AdWords, use them but don’t fall for a false guarantee.

TWO: Guaranteed Front Page Google Listings – Sounds great, but they don’t specify a search term. Out of the key words and phrases that you want to be front page on Google for, you’ll find you’re guaranteed front page for ‘Blue Widgets with Red Dots in North East Clacton’. No one searches for that, but the guarantee has been fulfilled and you’ll never see your money again.

THREE: Guarantee Front Page Google List Or Your Money Back – Sounds good, but try getting your money back when you don’t see your site on the front page! The company will send you a screenshot proving your site held the front page Google listing but in reality it was for one day and never happened again.

FOUR: Replacement Traffic Guarantee – ‘If we don’t get you a front page Google position, then we’ll buy enough AdWords for you to get the level of traffic you need.’ Sounds tempting but why not just buy AdWords yourself? If their service can’t provide what you need, why would you want them to use Adwords to do it? Even with Google AdWords, no one can guarantee the traffic you will receive. The SEO company needs to make money, but the traffic they’ll send you through AdWords will most likely be less than you could have gotten yourself for less money!

FIVE: Google Front Page Or No Charge – this could very well be tantamount to a scambecause this company could well use every black hat (dodgy, underhanded, unacceptable to Google) trick in the book in order to get you to the Front Page. In the end, Google will punish your site, and the damage is done. They will charge huge monthly fees if they do get you listed (albeit briefly) and try to tie you in for as long as possible.

The moral of the story? Read the small print, make sure you know exactly WHAT is being guaranteed, and above all; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Z Web Design can help you with realistic Search Engine Optimisation with no ongoing costs and a down to earth realistic price.
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Australia Free Directory Listing Website List

Placing your business on Free Directory Websites will have a huge influence on Google ranking and search results.
We suggest you invest the time which will prove well worthwhile.

Below you will find some of the most popular free directories you can list your business on in Australia.…..local-seo/

If all of this is just too hard contact us and we will do it for you for a small fee.
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How to get your new website listed on Google faster

Once your new domain is registered and website is built you will not see it listed in Search Engines instantly. This can take some weeks for Search Engines to “crawl” or “spider” your website.

However, there are some things that you can do to speed things up. Submit your website to Google here.

Add your website address to any Forum signatures you may have. Promote your new website with Facebook, Twitter etc. Add your website to as many free business directories as possible. In other words try to get listed or added to as many “other” website out there, especially busy high traffic websites.

15 ways to promote your website

Yes, there are plenty of ways you can promote your website and increase traffic. Here are just a few…
Promote your website address in your email signature
Make sure your website address is on your business cards and stationary
Display your business name and website address on your vehicle if possible
When someone asks for more info on the telephone remind them about your website address
List your website on as many free business listings on the web as possible
Start up an email marketing campaign to your customers to keep them up to date and offer them incentives to stay with you or purchase your product/s
Get bumper stickers, t shirts or other promotional material made up
Start a competition directing people to your website
Speak to the media about your product. Try to promote a new perspective about your product/business that will entice a journalist to want to do a story on you
Give your business cards out at meetings and gatherings
Have an open mind wherever you go, looking for opportunities to promote your website and business
Promote some limited time offers on your website
Try to give your existing customers something extra so they don’t just feel like another number in your line of customers
Listen to feedback from your customers and act wherever needed
Be passionate about your business when you speak to people about it
People will pick up that you are genuinely out there to help them and they will talk to others about you
There are many more ideas.
Think outside the square!