Budget Package Special Offer
Only $299 All Inclusive

Yes that’s right. We’ll build a One Page Website, provide Professional Hosting for 12 months and include a Subdomain Name giving you an Internet Presence to promote your Business for an extremely low price!

Summary Snapshot

    • One Page Website
    • 12 Months Quality Hosting
    • Your own Subdomain Name
    • Update to Multi Page Website* at any time

Perfect for BusinessesOn a budget

  • Wanting to test the Market
  • Needing Brand awareness fast
  • Only requiring a Coming Soon Page for now
  • Not sure of their Domain Name yet

(What is a Subdomain Name?)


Exquisite Florists wants to get their Brand out in the World Wide Web as soon as possible whilst they decide on other aspects of their Business. They just want a cheap Landing Page that tells Customers what they have planned in the future, their Contact Information and Location. They use our Budget Package and we build a One Page Website hosting it under a Subdomain Name such as exquisiteflorists.zweb.com.au

12 Months later they have decided on their complete Brand Image and update to a Multipage Website* with a Top Level Domain Name^ such as exquisiteflorists.com.au



Exquisite Florists is a Small Business working from home with a Facebook Page. They feel Facebook is not enough and need an Internet Presence and Website to promote their Brand better.

12 Months later the business has grown and they have a shopfront and want to remake a new fresh Multipage Website* with a Top Level Domain^.


Exquisite Florists is just starting out and needs to get their Brand out on the Internet for a budget price.

12 Months later the Business has grown as forecast and they decide it is time to upgrade to a complete Multipage Website* with a proper Top Level Domain Name^.



Exquisite Florists is only going to be in business for 12 months whilst a Wedding Festival is on.

12 Months later the One Page Website has completed it’s job and is retired until needed again.

*Multi Page Website upgrade is $650 ^Top Level Domain Name registration from $79 per 2 years.